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Grades of Granite  

Most memorials today are made from granite, and good granite will not fade or discolor in time. However, all granites are not created equal. Some are better than others.

Granite is made up of 25-30% quartz which gives it luster, hardness, and durability. Feldspar is the principle ingredient of granite. Mica gives granite its sparkle. Ericson Memorial Studios offers you many different grades and colors of granite to choose from.

Granite is quarried in about 50% of the states and in foreign countries. The colors are determined by the area from which they are quarried.

There are a number of reasons why granites differ in price. When a block of granite is removed from the ground, there is a certain amount that is normal waste. With some granites, the waste factor is much larger and obtaining good clear pieces becomes a problem - so the price is higher. Sometimes granites that are imported from other countries are more expensive because of high freight costs and dollar fluctuations. Some granites are harder to polish than others - hence a higher price.



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