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We proudly have added

Erie City Memorials

at the new East Side Location:

2515 Buffalo Road

Erie, Pa 16510

(814) 898-0709


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Since the beginning of recorded history, man has created memorials to preserve the memory of loved ones whose lives touched theirs.

Memorials are works of art. Designed and created by skilled craftsmen, they are a loving record and testament of respect.

At Ericson Memorial Studios and Erie City Memorials we are compassionate and flexible in meeting our customer's needs, as well as committed to presenting our customers with the information needed to make informed decisions with alternatives for their consideration - all within an atmosphere of personalized attention and superior service. We will assist you every step of the way with memorial types, grades of granite, granite colors, epitaphs, or individualized etchings and portraits.

Many individuals have a desire for a truly personalized memorial to perpetuate the memory of a loved one. Your ideas, pictures, and interests of your loved one can be translated into a full-sized computer drawing for your approval.

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