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Memorial Types

A memorial is so much more than a piece of granite. As a sign of devotion, it marks a loved one's earthly resting place. It should not be considered a symbol of sorrow, but a symbol of love, warmth, and affection.

We help our customers understand all of the options and possibilities available for meeting their needs. We will assist you every step of the way with memorial types, grades of granite, granite colors, epitaphs, or individualized etchings and portraits.

In addition, a computer drawing is provided to our customers for their approval to ensure customer satisfaction. We also have you approve the stencil used in production in person or by photo.

Check out our design page.

Sets flush with the ground.
Available in infant, single, and double.

flush memorial

Pillow / Bevel
Sets approximately 6 inches above the ground.
Available in single or double.

bevel or pillow style memorial


Sets approximately 14 - 16 inches
above the ground with the front slanting.

slant style memorial on basesingle jet black slant



Black Granite Bench

To see more benches click here.






Upright / Monument
Varies in design - custom


                  monument_jet black granite_Hazuda                   
monument with Eagle carving_Cole


  granite monument_Leggieri_Johnson_Kendrath    

granite cross memorial_monument_upright





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