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  Why Pre-Arrangement
Makes Good Sense


Pre-Need: It Is A Smart Decision

Today more than ever, people understand the wisdom of planning ahead by taking out insurance policies, setting aside savings and making out a will. Advance planning for a memorial is no different.

Good reasons for making your memorial choices ahead of time...

1. Completing your estate planning.

Most people realize the importance of estate planning. What fewer realize is that estate planning isn't complete without memorial planning. As a result, the surviving spouse is often left with the burden of choosing-and paying for-a memorial. By choosing your memorial now, you can avoid this difficult situation. And you can avoid ending up with a memorial of inferior materials or workmanship.

2. Protection against Rising Costs

No one has found a way to keep costs from rising year to year, but the purchase of your memorial NOW…At today’s prices…is one way to thwart inflation.

3. The choice will reflect your wishes.

Your choice of a home, car or vacation spot reflects your personal preferences, your tastes and wishes. Why let others select your memorial? Let us at Ericson Memorial Studios help you in creating a lasting memorable memorial.

4. The decision won't have to be made at an emotional time leaving your heirs guessing.

It is both unwise and unfair to burden your heirs with the task of choosing your memorial. They can only guess at your wishes.

At times of grief and loss, it can be very difficult to make important decisions. Why place even more stress on your family? Not only may they find it difficult to think clearly about your wishes, but they may overlook such issues as quality and craftsmanship and the soundness of a strong guarantee. By working with Ericson Memorial Studios now, you'll be assured of the finest quality granite and the finest quality workmanship.

5. Your insurance will fulfill its intended purpose.

If you purchase a memorial now and pay for it out of income, the cost will hardly be noticed. And you'll have the security of knowing that your estate, savings and insurance funds can all go toward their intended purpose: providing for those you love most.

Take a minute to let us help you

Is this the right time to arrange for your memorial? Only you can answer that. But now that you understand the many reasons for acting today, why put it off? Work with a memorial specialist at Ericson Memorial Studios, and you'll gain peace of mind, you'll make the decisions you want, and you'll be sure your memorial fits easily within your budget.

When you decide you're ready, you'll have help you can trust from an experienced memorial counselor. We are experts in memorial design and in other matters such as cemetery regulations. We pride ourselves here at Ericson Memorial Studios in providing the best in quality and craftsmanship. Please give us a call to set up an appointment. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing your memorial and design.

    • If you haven't already...

      Pre-planning your funeral is very smart and can be a pleasant experience when working with our staff at Burton Funeral Homes and Crematory. Terry Colvin is highly qualified to walk you through the process. Give him a call at:



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