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Vases and Solar Powered Lights


We have many vases to choose from in many different colors. Some of our vases are installed so that they can be kept in ground when not in use. We also offer vases that are above ground. Our granite and marble vases can be attached to the base of a monument. Please look at our selection below to decide. Also, keep in mind that cemeteries have rules and regulations. We can call your cemetery for you if you would like. The prices of the vases below include installation if it is within Erie County.

Please call to order the vase(s) of your choice below.

(Prices include installation.)




U.S. Metalcraft, Inc. has been an Ohio manufacturer of cemetery memorial flower vases of the highest quality since 1967. Today, the leadership of the managing family members is based on a heritage of four generations in the memorial industry, dating back to 1880. With this experience, every product in the Metalcraft line is developed to incorporate a practical use of an accent with a memorial. From the R&D drafting table's clay model, to the heat of the casting mold and final color finishing, you can count on Metalcraft using the highest quality of materials; creating the enduring craftmanship of a lasting tribute.


The majority of Metalcraft vases are manufactured out of exterior quality die cast aluminum. This type of casting offers a very strong and durable product. This process is similar to how expensive automotive wheel rims are made. The die cast process is the method of producing precision castings by pouring molten liquid aluminum into metal dies with pressure, letting the liquid metal solidify and then removing the metal dies so that the cast component may be retrieved. Dies are made in two or more sections with holes, cavities and contours corresponding to the shape, machined in the inside face. When two or more sections are put together, the inside cavity will be the vase form. The pressure that is used can range up to 30,000 PSI. This pressure ensures that the cast vase will be uniform and will have an attractive finish. The art is the fact that the die must be very accurately designed and precisely made to get the desired results.

Solar Powered Vigil Light


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